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    In the midst of a skilled labor shortage, some companies resort to different means to compensate. Some have been actively hiring, some have been cross-training and offering apprenticeship to non-skilled workers. Other companies are preparing for the worse by scouting in Colleges and Universities and promoting their respective companies and industry to attract more workforce in the future.

    What about now? For example there is an increase in the infrastructure developments and more projects are under way. In the Glazing trade, with many projects to bid this 2018, there is a big opportunity to join in on as much and ride the growth.

    There are actually two options:

    1. Staffing Agencies and
    2. Outsourcing labor from Glazing Labor Subcontractors

    While Staffing up through Staffing Agencies may make sourcing the right candidates easier as Staffing agencies dedicates their full effort and resources in matching and pre-qualifying, it doesn’t really eliminate the time and cost associated with hiring.

    So is Labor Subcontracting really a better alternative?

    The Cost of Hiring Additional Skilled Workers As The Project Demands.

    Even for bigger companies, sustaining a number of salaried workforce requires check and balance. Although staffing up for a bigger project is normally the way to go, keeping them deployed project after project becomes the challenge. The upkeep becomes higher and more challenging as the workforce is increased. Hiring additional crew members costs, training them Trade-Specific skills costs, keeping them after the project is done definitely have costs and laying them off when they are no longer required have significant costs as well.

    Getting a Glazing Labor Subcontractor reduces administrative costs.

    LJM Glass Service, for example, bids for the labor work of glass and glazing packages from full service Glazier companies. Compared to staffing up to meet the required number of crew to take on a project, letting LJM take on the project’s labor, eliminates sudden administrative costs associated with hiring and recruiting a construction workforce.

    This relieves you from the strain of skilled labor shortage especially in the glass and glazing trade. You may avoid the costs associated with hiring and that includes skills training specific to Glazing. The glazing trade is highly specialized which requires skilled men who are knowledgeable on curtain wall and paneling systems. Finding candidates who are skilled and reliable can be tough. The training of newly hires as well as the build up of their expertise takes time.

    That is why LJM Glass Service is the best option for when you are experiencing shortage of crew for your current undertakings, whether it is an on going project needing more men, or a project to bid requiring a large number of crew.

    Payroll and Tax filings

    In addition, our company, LJM Glass Service bids for labor work by submitting a lump sum cost estimate but relieves you from most of the responsibilities associated with payroll, including all employment-related tax filings, obtaining employee benefits, and ensuring compliance with a multitude of safety requirements and all human resource tasks for our crew thus you have the time to focus on the details of your construction plans and meeting your project deadlines.

    The Factors Affecting The Team’s Efficiency

    Camaraderie, Rapport, Trust, Brotherhood, Synergy. These are just some factors affecting a team’s efficiency. Additional newly hires from staffing agencies come from different past employers with different cultures and different core values. It would work well for when you are staffing up due to company expansion and not for when a project immediately demands it. There should be ample time for training and team building.

    When a Glazier company needs to staff up because a project of a certain scale demands for it, signing with a Glazing Labor Subcontractor might be more efficient. Signing up with a glazing labor subcontractor means your are bringing in a crew members that are already efficient as a team. They are already specialized in the Glazing trade and has been working together for a long time already.

    Service Expansion and Growth

    After trying out the services of a glazing labor subcontractor and you have been pleased, affiliating with them gives you the ability bid for more projects in the future, knowing you can let them subcontract labor on any kind of glazing/fenestration work. You may also expand your service offers to include more services that fall under the Glazing NAICS code which you don’t currently offer.

    There are glazing companies who have focused on interior fitouts, storefronts and windows but has not offered curtain wall systems yet. LJM Glass Service crew are knowledgeable with a variety of glass and glazing work as well as metal paneling work of any scale.

    Confidence in your Labor work

    Having a labor subcontractor like LJM Glass Service join your crew or letting us take on 100% of the labor work, we guarantee exceptional service that is supervised by our crew’s Field Superintendent that collaborates with your own. You will have more confidence that a specialized team is working on your project.

    Our men has undergone screening and has been carefully background checked. They are disciplined, focused, dedicated, passionate and trustworthy. It is our core principle to treat all our projects as if they are our own and so we train them to carefully handle materials, tools and machines provided by the Glazing company.

    We meticulously unload and verify conditions and specifications of glass and metal materials. LJM Glass Service has also been commended for maintaining the most clean and organized site area. Unlike staffing agencies, wherein skilled labor gets recruited and deployed, our men are our own in-house trained skilled experts who have been with us a long time and has been trained on our principles.

    Service Quality

    Signing up with a glazing labor subcontractor, you are dealing with men who has collected a portfolio of work wherein they all worked together. Our portfolio highlights major glazing projects wherein we have successfully delivered superb installation of Curtain Wall and Paneling Systems as well as Storefronts and DHIVE systems. The LJM Glass Service crew members are OSHA certified and among them are certified aerial lift operators. We prioritize Safety and Quality as the two cornerstone of our Service.

    Shortage in Skilled Glaziers: Labor Subcontracting May Be More Cost-Effective